Friends from the UK get a taste of Sydney Snapper

Had another shot for Snapper yesterday, this time with Alex and Amy from the UK.
The conditions weren’t stellar with no current run to be found anywhere, we modified the approach a little to suit conditions, and persisted.

Alex with a 70cm Sydney Snapper

Alex with a 70cm Sydney Snapper

Eventually we turned it with Alex nailing a cracker and Amy into a school of small samson that showed up.
Then a small Mako turned up and just wouldn’t leave us alone, hooked it twice on two seperate outfits and each time it went cartwheeling away across the surface and then came straight back, so the reds shut down and we called it a day.

Amber Jack
So the Sydney snapper still firing hard at the moment, been a great season for them so far and hope it kicks on.

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