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Squid fishing charters and Squid fishing tuition.

Kingfish are one of the most sought after species on our trips and the undeniable fact of being consistently successful with these fish is the ability to obtain squid.

Squid are the number one bait for these fish whichever way you look at it , sure , some days you will take them on live baits or lures etc , but to be consistently successful , squid are the key … there are just no shortcuts.

The biggest challenge for the new anglers is the ability to take squid consistently , and a challenge it is … even experienced anglers will have days when getting squid is extremely difficult and it means the difference between catching fish or not.

So to that end , we are now offering Squid fishing charters or Squid fishing tuition trips designed to help anglers with the most pivotal part of catching Kingfish , and of course , they are a tasty little treat in their own right !

We will be covering both the Offshore areas and the Harbour areas to maximise the options and chances of success , the offshore squid as a rule are generally larger and therefore more desirable from both bait and eating perspectives , the techniques for these differ significantly from the shallower harbour areas , though obviously the offshore squid fishing is more reliant on suitable weather conditions , therefore the ability to fish both areas is essential and we have developed a myriad of different techniques over the years that have proved successful in both areas.

Information on these Squid fishing charters and squid fishing tuition trips is available by clicking on the blue “view our rates” tab on the front page of this site which will take you to the “book a charter” section , then scroll down to “Squid fishing charters/tuition”.


Kids Fishing charters.

Fishing is a great way to get kids outdoors and enjoying nature , so we have specifically tailored a kids fishing charter to suit kids of all ages with an emphasis on simplicity and fun ! , it’s a great way to provide an enjoyable activity in the school holiday periods … sometimes the little ones can get bored quickly if the action is quiet so our main focus on this one is to keep fish coming in all the time , entertainment is the key !

Having said that , their are different levels of proficiency amongst the kids so we tailor our kids fishing trips in regards to their experience level and species availability at the time of year , so depending on that , it could be anything from Leatherjacket , Bream , Blackfish to Kingfish !

Maritime law requires all children 12 years and under to use lifejackets which we supply.



Young Max with a cracker Bream at 46cm !





    Jake from the States

    May 29, 2017
    Steve with a kingie

    Had a shot with Jake from the States looking for his first King, with the exception of one bigger fish that stitched us up early on, it was numbers of rats in close with the odd medium one thrown in …. he reckons they go better than Musky’s ..  

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    Kings, Kings, Kings and more Kings!

    March 27, 2017

    Had a trip out for Kings over the weekend with Bede and his 3 sons, wondering if the recent weather was going to hit the “reset” button again on the fishing … as it has done all season more or less …. pleasantly surprised to find they were right on the job, good numbers early […]

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    Charlie From The UK

    January 23, 2017

    Had Charlie from the UK out this weekend, a really nice bloke who hadn’t done a lot of offshore, mostly freshwater, so we went for a look for the Dollies for something different for him. Found plenty of smaller one’s like this in close , set to go wider looking for the horse , but […]

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    Murray and the kids

    January 16, 2017

    So my last charter of 2016 was a bit different from the norm, but a very enjoyable change. Murray and his two little ones Sienna and Mia came back out for another go at this fishing game and showed they’d lost none of their skill. The wind was howling out of the north which limited […]

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    Friends from the UK get a taste of Sydney Snapper

    November 21, 2016
    Alex with a 70cm Sydney Snapper

    Had another shot for Snapper yesterday, this time with Alex and Amy from the UK. The conditions weren’t stellar with no current run to be found anywhere, we modified the approach a little to suit conditions, and persisted. Eventually we turned it with Alex nailing a cracker and Amy into a school of small samson […]

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    The Reds are in TOWN!

    November 10, 2016

    A cracker of a session with  Eric and Callum, a keen young bloke eager to check out the snapper thing. A slow start with next to no current to be found, fished several spots out to 60 odd metres for no result, then had a bit of a quick micro jigging session, with slow pitch maestro […]

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    A wash fishing session with Chris

    September 25, 2016

    A wash fishing session with Chris in overcast conditions with a mid afternoon high promised to look the goods , the swell was down a fair bit, so moving around was the order of the day, with the wash conditions changing by the hour. The big black drummer had the better of us , after […]

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    Peter’s converted!

    September 20, 2016
    Black Drummer

    We had trip in the washes on sunday with Peter and Ben, Peter had never fished the washes before , so it was to be something new for him. The mid afternoon low tide was not ideal, and the lack of wash was a little bit of a challenge, but the overcast conditions balanced it out a […]

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    Wash fishing for Blackfish

    August 14, 2016
    Mark with a pig from the washes

    Had an afternoon session today with wash fishing newcomer Mark, who was looking for his first Black Drummer. We went for a bit of a Blackfish session whilst waiting for the tide to come up and found multitudes of them in the Harbour washes fishing small bread baits under small bobbycorks. When the tide was […]

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    Stop the lock out zones in Sydney

    August 10, 2016
    Sydney proposed fishing lock out

    Here is something of major importance to all Sydney anglers, not only does the government support a huge foreign owned super trawler to clean out of our stocks of fish, they are now considering locking out this major area of Sydney Harbour to you, the average person who would like to go for a fish […]

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    Groper Fishing with Big Ed

    August 2, 2016
    Big Ed with a groper

    Another session in the washes with Big Ed, firing up hard again, it’s been really consistent and looks like only getting better rolling on through to august.   A mixed bag of Drummer, Groper, Trevally and Bream with some brutal smashings on 50lb gear, the big Drummer really making their presence felt just now……just check […]

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    July 12, 2015
    prawn hooked through the tail

      I’d like to start this one with an excerpt from a phone call I had with a good ‘ol mate recently…..   “ I can’t believe it!, I fished for hours today, had excellent fresh bait and the latest brand xyz gear and the damn things wouldn’t co operate at all !! …..I hate […]

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