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Squid fishing charters and Squid fishing tuition.

Kingfish are one of the most sought after species on our trips and the undeniable fact of being consistently successful with these fish is the ability to obtain squid.

Squid are the number one bait for these fish whichever way you look at it , sure , some days you will take them on live baits or lures etc , but to be consistently successful , squid are the key … there are just no shortcuts.

The biggest challenge for the new anglers is the ability to take squid consistently , and a challenge it is … even experienced anglers will have days when getting squid is extremely difficult and it means the difference between catching fish or not.

So to that end , we are now offering Squid fishing charters or Squid fishing tuition trips designed to help anglers with the most pivotal part of catching Kingfish , and of course , they are a tasty little treat in their own right !

We will be covering both the Offshore areas and the Harbour areas to maximise the options and chances of success , the offshore squid as a rule are generally larger and therefore more desirable from both bait and eating perspectives , the techniques for these differ significantly from the shallower harbour areas , though obviously the offshore squid fishing is more reliant on suitable weather conditions , therefore the ability to fish both areas is essential and we have developed a myriad of different techniques over the years that have proved successful in both areas.

Information on these Squid fishing charters and squid fishing tuition trips is available by clicking on the blue “view our rates” tab on the front page of this site which will take you to the “book a charter” section , then scroll down to “Squid fishing charters/tuition”.


Kids Fishing charters.

Fishing is a great way to get kids outdoors and enjoying nature , so we have specifically tailored a kids fishing charter to suit kids of all ages with an emphasis on simplicity and fun ! , it’s a great way to provide an enjoyable activity in the school holiday periods … sometimes the little ones can get bored quickly if the action is quiet so our main focus on this one is to keep fish coming in all the time , entertainment is the key !

Having said that , their are different levels of proficiency amongst the kids so we tailor our kids fishing trips in regards to their experience level and species availability at the time of year , so depending on that , it could be anything from Leatherjacket , Bream , Blackfish to Kingfish !

Maritime law requires all children 12 years and under to use lifejackets which we supply.



Young Max with a cracker Bream at 46cm !