Murray and the kids

So my last charter of 2016 was a bit different from the norm, but a very enjoyable change.

Murray and his two little ones Sienna and Mia came back out for another go at this fishing game and showed they’d lost none of their skill.

The wind was howling out of the north which limited us a bit , but we snuck up into a protected corner and got into it.


15823671_1692759977613124_2090630625402297162_n 15676201_1690215117867610_3105610946992632053_o 15672572_1692760020946453_3918153089328754010_n
The little pro’s were full steam ahead, increasing their tally from approximately 12 fish each last trip to over 25 this time round of about 6 or 7 species ….. little Mia doesn’t even make a sound when she hooks up now …. just drags up and gets into it … so cool !!

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