Deep Sea Fishing

The deep sea fishing that we do here at Fishing Sydney Tours can be divided into basically two sections:

  1. Pelagics – Dolphinfish (Mahi mahi)
  2. Reef or demersal fish – Snapper, Flathead, Morwong, Cod etc.


Fishing Pelagics

The pelagics are a summer time thing, with these generally starting to fire up when the water temp gets to 21degrees or better, usually, depending on prevailing currents, around November/December.

We fish the FAD’s for Dolphinfish, with surface lures and live baits with the bigger fish arriving at the beginning of the run and the smaller fish in numbers as the season progresses. Some spectacular fishing can be had at the FAD’s at this time.



Fishing the Reefs

Of the reef species, the big drawcard is always the Snapper.

These are one of my favourites and will cover a wide area and be found in depths ranging from 8 metres to 100 metres plus.These are best in the winter/spring time with some quality fish moving into shallower water.

We fish soft plastics and baits in the shallower areas and micro jigs, Inchiku style jigs and baits in the deeper areas.

The thrill of a big Red appearing out of the depths is second to none.

The humble Flathead is also a popular one when deep sea fishing, not the most dynamic fighting fish around, but second to none as a table fish and can be caught by anglers of any experience level, requiring no specialised gear or fancy techniques.We drift fish for these using baits or, if the clients prefer, micro jigs and Inchiku style jigs.