Stop the lock out zones in Sydney

Here is something of major importance to all Sydney anglers, not only does the government support a huge foreign owned super trawler to clean out of our stocks of fish, they are now considering locking out this major area of Sydney Harbour to you, the average person who would like to go for a fish in your own backyard, and reserve it for the exclusive use of a select few.

This place belongs to us, ALL of us, not just a few who want to keep it all for themselves.


It is under handed and reprehensible, and another indication of the weakness and willingness to pander to minority groups, of this government, in this case MP Mike Baird.


The major parties behind this push are the Dive companies that work in this area and the minority Green groups who have already been exposed for their lies in regards to “credible science” on this issue, and were soundly thrashed in the recent election as a result.


The only method that will ensure that this affront to the Australian way of life will be tossed out, will be by sending an e mail to MP Mike Baird, and making your feelings clear on this issue.


This is the time to act, their method, as always, is to sneakily attempt to push this through before it gets too much mainstream coverage, as they are only too well aware of the result if the public are allowed to get the full picture.


The only way we can lose this, is if we become complacent and think “they’ve got no chance of getting away with this “, and sit back and do nothing …. well don’t be too sure, just ask the residents along large sections of the N.S.W. South coast and the Port Stephens area who can no longer fish in there own backyards.


One e mail – – by every one of us will be enough to send a clear message to this minister that this exclusionary and reprehensible action will not be tolerated by you, the people that have a right to enjoy their own backyards and their own natural resources.
Here is a map of the proposed area –


Sydney proposed fishing lock out

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One thought on “Stop the lock out zones in Sydney

  • Jim Zappia

    This has been coming now since the first marine parks were introduced , im supprised its taken this long for these ars ##^#^#^# to go further with marine parks. Im 61 years old and said at the time once this starts these ###%%^%^%# will not stop ,and im refering to the scuber charters who pushed hard at cabbage tree bay . Ive sent letters , been to local members but theses charter operators are well organised with the greens, and have plenty of funds behind them .All we can do is spread the word and hope fellow fishos dont sit on their hands and wait for someone else to submit NO.

    CHEERS , Jim